Nash Mills ~ Berkhamsted Practice and home trials ground
Rules for Nash Mills Trials Ground

1) The Nash Mills trials ground is for the exclusive use of bona fide club members only.

2) The Nash Mills trials ground can be used between 8am & 8pm Monday to Saturday and from 10am until 6pm on Sundays.

3) Members must ensure that the gates are locked at all times.

4) The Nash Mills facility may only be used by cycles and motorcycles deemed to be for the specific purpose of Trials as defined in the ACU handbook. Any motorcycle not clearly identified as above MUST NOT BE USED at Nash Mills.

However, non-trials machines may be presented for inspection by a minimum of two Committee members who will approve its use on an individual basis. Such machines to have identification recorded and a card issued detailing approval. Inspection will be available at Committee meetings.

5) Protective clothing must be worn at all times, complying with the ACU handbook.

The current regulations are as follows: TSR15 Clothing

Clothing must cover legs and body and it is recommended that arms should be

covered. Boots of approximately knee length must be worn. Only safety type

Wellington boots made of leather, rubber or plastic will be allowed.

Motorcycle helmets must be worn, (and be correctly fitted) by all officials, riders

and sidecar passengers whenever they are riding a machine.

All Youth riders must have clothing covering arms, and wear gloves covering

hands and fingers.

The wearing of gloves is recommended for all other riders.

6) Lone riding is not permitted. Members under 17 years of age must be accompanied by a non-riding adult. Adults must be accompanied by another person over 17 years of age.

7) Youth riders are only to ride machines of maximum engine capacities as follows: TSR 1

Youth A and Youth B 125cc mono or 250cc twinshock

Youth C Standard and medium wheel 80cc and Electric up to 7 bhp measured at the rear wheel

Youth D Medium wheel 80cc mono and twinshock, 50 cc small wheel and Electric up to 7 bhp measured at the rear wheel

Youth E Small wheel electric powered machines up to 2 bhp measured at the rear wheel

Guidance on youth riders class category and birthdates is set out in TSR1 - ACU handbook available on ACU website.

Any youth riders found to be riding machines of a larger size than set out above will be asked to leave Nash Mills immediately and their family membership may be revoked.

8) The club does not provide Personal Insurance and the onus lies entirely with the member to provide Personal Insurance as they think appropriate.

9) The Club accepts no responsibility for personal injury, for loss or damage to personal possessions of Club Members or any accompanying persons howsoever caused.

10) Any incident involving injury or other loss occurring at the Nash Mills trials ground must be recorded and reported to the Club Secretary without delay.

Contact details are available on the back of the GHG, on the website, or in the ACU handbook .

11) Members are not allowed to ride at Nash Mills unless they are able to confirm, prior to starting, that they  know of no medical condition that would impair their ability to ride at Nash Mills without causing injury to themselves or others.

12) A Nash Users sticker is issued on membership renewal and should be made easily visible on either bike or person/helmet. Any person that does not show a user’s sticker may be asked to leave the practice ground.

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